Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zoe Love

Ever so often my job requires me to travel to other offices within the company. As I pack my six year old Zoe sits by my suitcase and starts counting the days until my return.  This past week I returned from a two day trip and as I walked to the baggage claim there was Zoe with the genuine flames of love beaming out of her big beautiful brown eyes.  She ran towards me and blessed me with the biggest hug and kiss, as if I had been gone for years. Each kiss and hug was a reminder of her unconditional love, such was her joy she strolled my laptop bag to the car with one hand and tightly held my hand with her other hand. As we drove home she gave me a minute by minute status of all I had missed and in between each event she would say, Mom, I love you so much!

As the night came to a close I started meditate on “Zoe Love” suddenly I found myself praying and asking the Lord to teach me to love like Zoe loves. The beauty of that pray is that her name means “as God intended it to be” a simple prayer deeper than at first can be thought.

What, Zoe didn’t know was that I had endured some hardship while I was away and my heart was broken. Her acts of love where like a healing balm touching the depths of my soul. Just like the scripture says love drives out fear and it covers a multitude of wrongs. 

The apostle John left us many words of wisdom when it comes to the counsel of love. The same man who could call down fire upon men is also able to speak of the pure fire of love.  Beautiful it is when our flames become cleaner and our temper changes to compassion, unforgiveness to forgiveness, vengeance to mercy, frustration to peace.

Let’s acquire this love from the altar of the Almighty, we love because HE loved us first, nowhere else can this treasure be found. Though the journey at times can be painful I intend to advance towards the throne of God to understand the mystery and depth of this Love.

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