Saturday, November 2, 2013


There is a running joke in my family that I have a crush on theologian NT Wright. Anytime we are in a conversation and a certain truth is mentioned I interject and say "NT Wright says"...It causes quite a stir, eyes start rolling and the laughing begins. All joking aside I don't have a crush on NT Wright but it wasn't until I heard NT lecture on the book of Romans that my understanding of the message of the Kingdom of God started to invade my stinking thinking. 

Let me explain, as he expounded on the scriptures, I had read over and over again, it was like dots being connected and suddenly I started to see the totality of the message of the Kingdom of God.  My spirit leaped within me and when I heard statements like  "the new age had broken into the midst of this present age" and "we are called to be truly human after the model of the Messiah",it was as if I was born again, again. 

The Kingdom message has radically reordered how I see myself, unbelievers, the body of Christ and specifically all that God has done in and through Jesus Christ. I have laughed, cried and mourned as my life is being challenged with the most extraordinary message in the world.

I recently had a conversation with a friend on the topics of forgiveness, restoration, God's judgement and justices. As I sat and listened statements like these were said:

  • I will forgive but won't forget.
  • I believe in reconciliation but not necessarily the need for restoration.
  • I am not the judge and God will judge those who have hurt me.
 I found myself agreeing with each of these statements. After all, I had said and heard them throughout the years.  
Hours after the conversation Kingdom thoughts started to invade my "stinking thinking".  "What if God's judgement is executed by an outpouring of love? Jeannette, will you be happy? What if justice comes in the way of blessing? What if Kingdom reconciliation is only seen in restoration? What if true forgiveness means covering over an offense as if it has never happened? 

Suddenly, I remembered the story of Jonah he went to preach reconciliation to Nineveh, they repented and God restored them. Then the Bible says, it displeased Jonah exceedingly, and he became angry. What? The man of God brings the word of reconciliation and it angers him to see God's justice. God, challenged Jonah's stinking thinking. You can read it here;
You may be saying this is Bible 101. Perhaps it is but honestly ask yourself have you wrestled with these kinds of questions? If God is creator and judge of all and we are His people, are we not to reflect his true character. Is HE not calling us to live in the  present as it will be when the Kingdom is fully restored? I believe He is and as we allow the Kingdom to burst into our lives, families and communities of faith we are proclaiming the story of our God.


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