Saturday, January 26, 2013


Luke: 24 : 13-32
One of my favorite stories in the bible is when the two on the road to Emmaus encounter Jesus along the way without even realizing it.  Suddenly, I see a picture of my husband and I conversing about the recent events on the same road. Similar to the two on the road we experience this host of emotions that go from lack of hope, failure, to encountering a stranger along the way that may be a source of encouragement to finally realizing it was Jesus Himself burning our hearts with HIS TRUTH. 

They like us had such anticipation that Jesus was the one that was going to deliver them. Before the two could understand what was happening and who this stranger was they needed to be prepared.  What was the problem? Why couldn’t they see it was Him? Could it be that they like us  were reading the scriptures from the wrong point of view? Could it be that we are reading the scriptures through the pink lenses of post-modern Christianity and neglect to expound in order to understand where true deliverance comes from?  

When the Bible says Jesus interpreted to them the things about Himself he didn’t do it from a few verses or one or two books. What Jesus did was reveal the entire story from Moses to the Prophets. The bible says He expounded to them ALL the things concerning Himself.

 Could it have been that they initially didn’t recognize their deliverance because it came through suffering? Certainly, God would not deliver them through suffering or would He?

To me the story of Emmaus is an exhortation to pray that His presence invade us whenever we study the WORD. In turn we need to be prepared to receive revelation from Him and only with Him, on the road, will our hearts burn within us.

Can you remember the last time your heart burned within you when the scriptures where revealed to you?  If not I am inviting you come to the table of the Lord open the most wonderful book ever written and believe HE will burn your heart with refreshing truths and set you ABLAZE………

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